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What is a Canadian Student Visa?

If you intend to study in Canada for more than 6 months and you are a citizen of a country that requires a Canadian student visa, you can apply for a Canadian student visa after receiving a letter of acceptance or admission to a Canadian university (and a letter of CAQ). In the province of Quebec will exist. Postgraduate Admissions Letters must be obtained from an institution approved by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Name of one of the most reputable  Canadian educational  institutions Designated learning institutions, each of which has a unique DLI code that must be entered in the Visa application. If you are admitted to a Canadian school, you can apply for a Canadian student visa. All schools are approved by the Immigration Office. You can also find a list of reputable institutions in each province on the site (See Canadian Department of Education). If the applicant for a Canadian student visa is under the age of 18 (minors), a person in Canada must submit a letter to the Immigration Office claiming responsibility for that child. Medical examinations and medical records are not required for Iranian applicants intending to study in Canada.

SINIM Immigration is your bridge to many universities and colleges and language institutes in Canada at all times. Become a member of the customer club to receive detailed information about the study conditions. All Canadian student visa matters are handled by official Canadian immigration advisers.
By obtaining a Canadian student visa, you can travel to Canada without restrictions until the expiration of the visa (usually until the end of the course). Upon receipt of a positive response from the Immigration Office, you will usually receive a short-stay visa in your passport, which the officer will issue you with a student visa upon arrival in Canada. When you arrive in Canada, bring a letter from the Immigration Office (CAQ to study in Quebec).

Study Permit is a license that is usually issued to a student upon arrival in Canada. With this permit, the applicant is allowed to stay and study in Canada. This license is not required for courses that are completed within 6 months. For these courses, the applicant to study in Canada can study in Canada with a short-term visa. According to immigration law, if you plan to continue your studies after a 6-month period, it is best to apply for a Canadian student visa from the beginning.Get. If you have already received this permit but have not complied with the study permit and have violated the rules, you will have to wait 6 months to apply for any new student visa, and this 6 months will in fact be a fine for the applicant. Was. For example, if you do not have a work permit on your permit, but you work while in Canada and the Immigration Service finds out, you will be fined 6 months from applying for a student visa, even if you file. In these 6 months, your case will be rejected.

You do not need a study permit (Canadian student visa) for preschool.

It is very important to consult with qualified counselors when applying for an admission and student visa, because choosing a city and university, as well as how to file a Canadian student visa file, requires reputable counselors who must be members of the ICCRC to obtain a Canadian student visa. You can check out the names of SINIM
official consultants at the Canadian Immigration Advisory Board. Immigration advisers to Canada will also follow the visa process for applicants.

  • Letter of acceptance from one of the reputable educational centers (except for the spouse of a person with a study or work permit)
  • CAQ letter for Quebec applicants only
  • Study Plan
  • Scan the pages of the latest passport (scan only the first page and the pages that are stamped)
  • Scan pages of previous passports (scan only the first page and pages that are stamped or visa)
  • Translated and verified ID card scan / If you are married, add the companion ID card scan in the same file.
  • A 3.5 by 4.5 photo
  • Letter of financial ability
  • Documents representing your assets
  • Letters of work experience and work insurance
  • Visa application forms
  • Pay for a Canadian student visa
  • $ 110 to receive CAQ from Quebec Province (for Quebec applicants)
  • $ 150 for the main applicant visa and $ 155 for the companion
  • $ 85 for fingerprinting of any applicant over 14 years of age

These fees are charged by the Swedish Migration Board and are non-refundable.

Conditional letters of admission to universities

Conditional Letters of Admission are letters in which the university or college has set a condition or conditions for entering the course. It will not be a problem to issue a visa if the applicant can prove to the immigration expert that he / she is able to meet the conditions. If conditional admission is subject to a language course, it must be specified exactly what the applicant’s English language program is at the university

Applicants to  study in Canada  must be able to pay for tuition in Canada for the first year. For example, if the applicant’s tuition is $15,000 per year, he or she must prove this amount to the embassy through his or her bank account or sponsor, along with the cost of living for the first year. Financial support is very important for a Canadian student visa , and if the applicant fails to prove it, the student visa applicant will reject it.
If you do not agree to apply for a student visa in Canada, a letter will be issued stating the reason or reasons for the rejection of your Canadian visa. The following are common reasons for rejecting a Canadian student visa:
  • There was not enough funding
  • The purpose of the study was not convincing for the officer and there were not enough reasons to return to the country
  • The desired course of study
  • Problems closing visa files and student visa forms
  • Improper curriculum
If you have not been successful in obtaining a Canadian student visa, search for the consultants you are looking for through the Customer Club membership link. Register now to access our Consultant Search
  • Check the validity of your passport, not less than 6 months.
  • Prepare a travel ticket (preferably a round trip ticket)
  • Travel Insurance – Optional – (You will get student insurance in Canada, but travel insurance is for the length of the trip)
  • Book accommodation in Canada
  • Pickup forecast from the airport
  • Carry cash with a receipt that shows you have money in a Canadian bank. Try to bring between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000.
  • Check the weight of the luggage
  • Prepare the following documents and leave a form with your address and contact number to be sent to you in case of loss: passport, ticket, travel insurance, university admission letter, CAQ letter (for Quebec), Canadian visa letter, letter Bank showing your account balance, prescription for any medicine you bring, copy of diplomas, checking for unauthorized foodstuffs  to bring to Canada, if you bring in more than $ 10,000, you must prove where you got it.
  • A SIN NUMBER airport you can  get it from the Service Canada office .
  • Buy health insurance after arriving in Canada. You can buy this insurance from student service centers at your university or from insurance agencies. We will introduce the best health insurance companies in this field.
  • It is normal if you do not have to worry about severe culture shock after arrival. If you have come to Canada and are in a critical situation, call 911 immediately.
  1. Passport with a valid date
  2. Study Permit Confirmation Letter
  3. Short-term Canadian visa stamped in your passport
  4. Letter of acceptance
  5. CAQ letter for Quebec applicants
  6. Minimum money or bank statement for the cost of living in Canada. If this amount is more than 10 thousand dollars, you must inform the immigration officer
  • Opening a bank account
  • Buy Medical Health Insurance
  • Buy a SIM card
  • Registration in the training center
  • Basic acquaintance with the bus system, subway and how to use public transportation
  • Canadian Permit Extension Rules

    • Open A Bank Account
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    • Buy Health Insurance Canada
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    • Buy A SIM Card In Canada
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    • Register In The Training Center
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