SINIM Refund Policies and Procedures

  1. Customers will try to find their targeted advisors using search engine frequently as soon as they are officially registered on their required packages and selected memberships. If they were not able to find their service advisors within two weeks they have to report this matter to customer service ( in the third weeks with proofing documents from search engine including different dates and attempts since membership registration.
  2. Customer support will review the reports very carefully and take the immediate and necessary actions to figure out about the failures that customers experienced during their search and they will confirm the report with regret and apologies for inconveniences caused.
  3. Customer support will eventually provide a list of relevant advisors via email to the unsuccessful customers on their search within one week (third weeks), if no service advisors were available on the system. 
  4. If customer support was not able to find the required advisors (both on the system and on a separate listing), will proceed to file a refund claim to finance department on the (third weeks).
  5. Finance department will process the refund after admin fees are deducted (%30) by the fourth weeks.


a) Customers have to report any failures or service advisors’ unavailability within only third week, otherwise NO FEES WILL BE REFUNDED.

b) Customers have to provide their reports with proof on any failures or service advisors unavailability, otherwise NO FEES WILL BE REFUNDED.

– This refund policy is not applicable for advisors, as such the membership fees paid by them will not be refunded.