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How personal data is processed on our website

  • We believe that the privacy of individuals, whether virtual or real users, is something that every organization should put at the forefront of all its affairs. For this reason, SINIM migrants Company, as a new approach in business culture, has not neglected its social role and uses “individuals” instead of “users” to cover all the people of the global village.
  • SINIM Migrants Company declares its sincere business loyalty to the privacy of individuals, and since access to and use of the services of the company is dependent on the official registration and membership fees, it is our right to protect your privacy, including personal information and the use of our services.
  • We believe that these principles have always been one of our fundamental principles, and in general, reflect the belief that from the beginning to the end of our life cycle as a motivation to provide comprehensive services around the world, and in fact affect our past and future business activities and strategies. When people use our products, they actually trust us, and we have a responsibility to use and protect their information properly. This means that we should always focus on our customer principle in all our daily affairs and treat our customers as our business partners and their privacy as our spiritual and material assets.
  • In order to help people, access eight immigration services and make knowledgeable decisions about how to use SINIM services, we collect personal information.
  • Our only motivation for using the personal information is to keep people informed about our services and news (such as eight services) if necessary.
  • As we all know, people’s privacy is different and everyone has a different pattern, all SINIM accounts are created by people and people can choose the right privacy settings. As technology evolves, our privacy settings evolve to ensure that privacy is always a personal choice.
  • People can access their personal information shared with us at any time and for any reason. That’s why we try to make it easier for people to access their information or delete all of it.
  • Respecting people’s privacy means protecting the information they provide based on the trust. In order to keep SINIM services safe and secure for people, we always try to use them in accordance with the security principles of the world to continuously strengthen our internal security technologies, easily identify Internet threats, and prevent them from developing before they reach people.
  • Protecting the safety and privacy of individuals is not limited to SINIM, but it is an important task that encompasses the entire world in the age of technology and the globalization era. SINIM is one of the companies that adhere to many security standards in order to provide and keep its immigration services at the top of its plans, and we strongly recommend that all immigration applicants around the world are unconditionally responsible for their privacy, and this global security in the Internet requires everyone’s cooperation in this area, and we are all responsible.
  • By registering and sending order forms on the SINIM site, you provide your personal information such as name, address, e-mail address, etc. to SINIM.
  • After entering the site, you are no longer an unknown person and information about your use of SINIM services is stored. This information includes orders and transactions; available services, personal information and so on, but not limited to these cases.
  • SINIM migrants Company collects and maintains all your transactions, including financial transactions.
  • SINIM migrants automatically collects and stores information such as your IP, cookie information and the pages you view after you log in to the site.
  • SINIM migrants use this information for certain purposes, such as promoting services, providing appropriate content, advertising programs and the like.
  • SINIM migrants may store cookies on your computer and use them on your next visit to the site.
  • SINIM migrant Company does not rent, sell or share your information except in the following cases:
  • If you break the rules, and if there is a private plaintiff against your performance, your information will be made available to legal authorities.
  • If the judicial authorities ask SINIM for your information for any reason, this information will be made available to them.
  • You can change your information at SINIM. This information includes all the information that you entered in the panel when joining the system (clubs).
  • You can completely go out of SINIM migrants and all its services. In this case, some of your information will be deleted and some of it will be archived for at least a year. This information includes name, surname, e-mail address, mobile phone number, text messages and the like, but is not limited to the above.
  • SINIM restricts its employees’ access to your information, and only employees who need to contact you directly to provide support services or perform their duties in this regard have access to this information.
  • In order to maintain the security of confidential information, SINIM stores important information such as passwords, etc. in encrypted form in its databases, so that if unauthorized access happens to them, this information cannot be used by others. Your personal information will be used in accordance with the highest security standards.
  • SINIM will try to follow all reasonable steps to ensure the security of any information you have. Your personal information is also stored on secure networks, but unfortunately, despite the above technology and security tools, the security of any information via the Internet cannot be guaranteed 100%. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the information you send to us will be safe in any situation during sending (transmission) and in addition we cannot be held responsible for any incidents resulting from illegal access to your personal information. (Like ISPs have access to information sent from your computer) So SINIM will not be responsible for the consequences of illegal access to your personal information by a third party or third party.
  • SINIM site may be linked to other websites (“backlinks”). The linked sites are not under the supervision of SINIM and we are not responsible for them. You should note that the personal information you send to the Linked sites will not be monitored by SINIM migrants Privacy Policy, and we strongly recommend that you should be aware of their privacy system and security policies.   
  • SINIM migrants Company has the right to make changes in the text of this policy at any time without prior notice. Although it is tried to notify all possible changes via e-mail, people are obliged to refer to this text continuously, be informed of its changes and, if they disagree with it, send a request to discontinue their service. Otherwise, all possible consequences will be borne by individual.
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