What Is The Purpose Of A Consultation?

Immigrating to Canada is a complex process and requires a thorough knowledge of Canadian immigration laws, policies and procedures. Each person’s case & situation is unique & needs to be looked at in detail in order for us to find you a way into Canada. 

At the end of the consultation you will know what steps you need to take to make your new life in Canada a reality.

We achieve this by going through the following process with you during the consultation:

  • Evaluate your profile and analyze your personal case

  • Check your eligibility based on your goals for Canada

  • Discuss about your questions and concerns in addition to the available opportunities to move to Canada

Why Are You Charged For A Membership Level?

It takes time to analyze your case and provide you with the best possible advise. To protect your rights as a valued customer, you have to create a free account and select your service type and pay for your membership to realize you are a registered and verified customer. While the membership is payable in advance, it will be deducted from the quote should you retain our services & pay a deposit within the prescribed period of the initial consultation agreement. That means your consultation is free once you become a client.

Appointments are only finalized when payment is made. Please ensure that you have completed the process and have received an email confirming your appointment.

45 Minute Consultation

During the 45 minutes you will have an in-depth consultation to discuss your immigration options. This option is suitable for those who need guidance on where to start or have a lot of questions regarding the immigration process.