Financial Advice
The information needs of companies and merchants are met in a variety of currency issues
Sell ​​Remittances
Money guarantee from the moment of receiving the money, the transfer of foreign currency remittances to the destination account
Swift Remittance
Swift remittances are shipped worldwide

Exchange services

Get financial advice from a well-known company

International Money Transfer

We cover your currency exchanges all over the world

Issuance of Swift remittance

We do the currency outflows requested by customers through the Swift system

Currency and financial advice

We provide the necessary currency information for companies, employees and entrepreneurs and students

Currency transfer

Using the latest knowledge on currency conversion and transfer on the one hand, and benefiting from fast currency exchange facilities and systems on the other, are good signs of the capability of our currency consultants around the world

Currency Exchanges

We do most of the currency outflows requested by customers through the Swift system. Due to the countless benefits of this method, such as speed, capability, reliability, and the validity of extensive brokerage relationships at the level of the world’s leading banks, the foreign exchange currency will reach the customer in the fastest time.

Financial advice

We are prepared to work with a variety of currency issues to suit the needs of companies and businesses such as the types of currency exchanges, settlement of liabilities or installments (foreign currency loans), issuance of foreign currency guarantees and issuance of foreign exchange outflows.

With SINIM, You can

Transfer the currency around the world

Currency exchanges around the world, SINIM Advisors made it possible as your sponsor of currency transfers.

We have made significant progress in satisfying our customers needs by taking advantage of the latest knowledge on fundraising and transferring funds, as well as the benefits of fast currency exchange facilities and systems. You will experience this claim by visiting us, by receiving accurate and fast services.

We provide the necessary services with sufficient capital, expertise and years of experience in finance and banking. Some of our regular customers are:

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