Corporate Rules

SINIM's Principles and Ground Rules


to create a safe, secure and peaceful living environment for each one of us by practicing rules, regulations, policies and procedures. 

Concept and types of customers in SINIM:

All those who are registered members of the SINIM migrants Clubs are considered customers, including business advisors or applicants for these services.

Concept and types of services in SINIM:

SINIM migrants company provide systematic advisory services such as Visa, Housing, Insurance, Vehicle, Currency exchange, Flight, English Language, and Staffing to meet the basic needs of an immigrant’s life anywhere in the world (Canada and other countries)

  1. Customers become official members of the clubs with full knowledge about the terms and benefits of these service packages.
  2. When you use the eight services of the SINIM migrants Company, if your request complies with all the principles and rules, you agree that the SINIM migrants Company will notify you electronically (via phone call, e-mail, and SMS). You also agree to receive a response to your request by such electronic services.
  3. In order to inform about the eight services or the registration and membership processes, it is possible that the customers of the clubs will receive an email or SMS. If customers are reluctant to receive such emails and text messages, they can unsubscribe from their profile.
  4. Our customers are committed at every stage of the club’s membership in any way possible to defend the material and intellectual rights, names, brands and services of SINIM migrants Company and in fact by joining any clubs and using the services, you consent to SINIM policy.
  5. All content, design and images, logos and service packages, downloadable copies, data and all content produced are part of the company’s property and no right to use or publish any content in part as they exclusively belong to SINIM migrants Company. If any part is used without prior written permission of the company it reserves the right to prosecute the violator.
  6. The entire names, terms, formulas of SINIM service packages and all other trademarks belong to SINIM and any similar commercial purposes will be prosecuted.
  7. Club customers will not be allowed to use these principles in any way possible for personal purposes, and any use of data analysis, or similar design methods such as service packages and their terms of reference, is explicitly reserved for SINIM migrants. If we are notified of any misuse of any of the services while being prosecuted, their membership will be void and no refund will be processed.
  8. The club’s customers are responsible and committed to obey all the above principles until the end of the contract, and also, they are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their accounts and passwords and are responsible for all activities performed under the user account or password by the end of their membership.
  9. The only official source of contact with SINIM is

  10. SINIM migrants Company does not have any website or address other than and and will never contact you with any of the electronic methods available in the market. In order to communicate with the customer relationship department, customers can use the addresses listed in the contact with us.
  11. The SINIM migrants; website may have links to other sites. These sites are not under the control of the SINIM migrants Company, and we have no responsibility for the content of these sites, including any other links that may be on these sites.
  12. SINIM migrants Company has provided these links for your ease and convenience and more information, and the existence of any of these links does not imply endorsement or any connection between us and them.
  13. You agree to be liable and responsible for any damages and damages incurred through the loss or other malicious files that may result from the loss and use of information and files belonging to the sites linked to the SINIM migrants Company’s website.
  14. SINIM migrants Company is not responsible under any circumstances for providing delays or non-cooperation between the advisors and the customer, which may be due to natural causes, manpower, internet problems, failure of computer equipment, telecommunications, etc.
  15. SINIM migrants Company, if necessary, always has the right to follow up the advisory processes and the type of cooperation between advisors and customers.
  16. SINIM migrants Company considers the strict observance and implementation of the terms of the eight service packages between customers and advisors on a monthly basis and always considers it as one of the top priorities of its customer-oriented principle.
  17. Extending the memberships of both customers and advisors largely depend on the cross checks between them and provision of qualitative and quantitative services to customers, and also depends on the type of behavior of customers during consultations.

These service (Visa, Housing, Jobs, English Language, Currency exchange, Insurance, Flight, and Vehicle) are provided in the forms of Three, Six-months and One-year membership packages for Customers and Advisors.

    • Membership fees Policy

Membership fees are defined and determined by two important factors:

1- To reduce customers costs

2- To provide multiple options with the maximum efficiency and highest productivity

    • 24-hour database

A 24-hour search is available for both advisors and customers. All club members (advisors and customers) can use the database around the clock without any time limit.

    • Refund policy

SINIM refund policy covers Customers and Advisors as per the following procedures;


1-     Customers will try to find their targeted advisors using search engine frequently as soon as they are officially registered on their required packages and selected memberships. If they were not able to find their service advisors within two weeks they have to report this matter to customer service ( in the third weeks with proofing documents from search engine including different dates and attempts since membership registration.

2-     Customer support will review the reports very carefully and take the immediate and necessary actions to figure out about the failures that customers experienced during their search and they will confirm the report with regret and apologies for inconveniences caused.

3-     Customer support will eventually provide a list of relevant advisors via email to the unsuccessful customers on their search within one week (third weeks), if no service advisors were available on the system.   

4-     If customer support was not able to find the required advisors (both on the system or on a separate listing), they will proceed to file a refund claim to finance department on (third week).

5-     Finance department will process the refund after admin fees are deducted (%30) by fourth week.


1- Customers have to report any failures or service advisors’ unavailability within only third week, otherwise NO FEES WILL BE REFUNDED.

2- Customers have to provide their reports with proof on any failures or service advisors unavailability, otherwise NO FEES WILL BE REFUNDED. 


– Refund policy is not applicable for advisors.

Customers, who want to send their comments, criticisms or suggestions by contacting us on the site, need to make sure they follow the rules below as if these rules are not followed, customer feedback will not be approved and will not be displayed on the site.

  1. Displaying customers’ feedback on the site never means any endorsement or disapproval of customer feedback on its contents, and SINIM migrants Company has no responsibility for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the published comments. Therefore, it is better for customers to choose practical and purposeful comments and use them as a criterion for decision making.
  2. Customers who submit comments are obliged to use respectable wordings and not to insult other customers as any insult to an individual or individuals will cause the customer’s membership deactivation not to be approved or even cancel the membership without refunding the membership fee at any stage.
  3. All customers can post their comments on the site, subject to the principles, rules and regulations of the company, so even if you find a comment that is far from the truth, biased or wrong, you should not address or criticize the others. Each customer can only express their opinions and leave the judgment to the other readers.
  4. “Customers username” Posters must include the person’s name and surname in accordance with the format and language in the profile; Therefore, comments sent in the name of unauthorized customers, even if they do not violate the above- mentioned rules, will be deleted.
  5. Under no circumstance customers are allowed to express and register the names and surnames of third parties or links to other sites in their comments.
  6. Only comments that are related to the desired services will be approved, so do not raise miscellaneous and unrelated issues with the services of SINIM migrants Company, otherwise they will be in violation of current laws.
  7. Customers can post their suggestions or criticisms to any department or part of the company in the relevant section, so do not write your review about the site in the comments section.
  8. Customers should note that they do not raise any issues they are unsure of, whether services or individuals, and advisors, and also refrain from republishing unreliable rumors or information about separate services.
  9. It is forbidden to write personal contact details including telephone numbers or e-mail addresses in the comments section, so do not display such personal contact details
  10. Customers are required to put in the materials that are useful to other website visitors and to refrain from expressing any personal, unrelated or unnecessary content in this section.
  11. Customers need to put in their comments in the formal writing rather than in non-formal wordings, and to avoid abbreviating words or using conversational methods as much as possible.
  12. Customers should keep in mind that SINIM Migrants Company has the right to delete non-functional comments of customers unless they are in accordance with the principles and rules mentioned above.
  13. Comments that customers post about services and people on the website are the experience or personal information of individuals and do not constitute a liability for them or the SINIM migrants Company.
  14. SINIM migrants Company always perform its best to provide all services to the customer and uses genuine sources and references as well as service advisors in order to produce content. It should be noted that SINIM migrants Company does not guarantee that the description of services or other content on the site will be error free. If the services provided by this section have any discrepancies with the information posted on the site, the only solution is to negotiate and inform and correspond before joining the clubs. SINIM Immigration Company accidentally receives reports from its customers about the performance of customers and consultants.