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The concept of “our team” in SINIM includes all those who are members of SINIM clubs. Some of them have been identified as representatives and senior advisers for eight services.

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Frank Reyhani

Managing Director

Frank Reyhani has a degree in computer programming. He immigrated to Canada in 1994. He has been working in sales and investment sectors since 1997, and has been a full-time GTA real estate consultant in Toronto since 2009. (Great Toronto Area)

Some of Frank’s personality traits are: Family-friendly, honest, patient, committed, and focused on customer needs in a way that put 100% of his knowledge and time to achieve the desired and satisfying outcome. He has great skills and power in negotiations and also has enough knowledge and information about the Ontario housing market.

Frank believes that knowledge and expertise related to the housing market on the one hand and the provision of exceptional services will definitely lead to a long and lasting relationship with customers. He is one of Ontario’s leading housing consultants.

Frank is SINIM Managing Director.

Dariush Sasanifard

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Dariush Sasanifard began his professional career while being a bachelor student working as an interpreter and administrator for the Canadian Triton International Oil and Gas Drilling Company in 1992.

Dariush has more than 20 years of experience in leading national and multinational organizations, including Iranians, Canadians, British, South Africans and Chinese in various fields including food, oil and gas, petrochemical, automotive and immigration industries. He is a graduate of English translation, Human Resource Management and Administration from Iranian and Canadian universities, and a PhD in marketing from Switzerland.

He believes;” Success is not an accident and we all succeed together if we are together, we can build a bridge between all human beings for success purposes”. 

Dariush is in charge of the Talent Acquisition.

Thomas Ansieta

Member of the Board

Thomas Ansieta graduated in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Toronto. He has been a senior executive in 19 countries in the Latin American region, as well as with subsidiaries in the United States, Canada, Spain, Portugal, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Italy, and as a director for 14 years since 1996 in addition to being the CEO of Redsoft Multinational Software in Chile.

Thomas also has extensive expertise and practical experience in managing startups, including the establishment of three subsidiaries in Latin America, Chile (Santiago), the Federil area of Mexico and Brazil, and Sao Paulo.

He is fluent in three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English. His specialties include Marketing, Business Services, Research, Consulting, Project Management, Business Development, Recruitment and Selection, Human Resource Management nationally and internationally. 

Thomas is Senior Vice President of BCS Company in Toronto while being SINIM Boards Member.

Svitlana Smirnova

Multilingual Teaching Advisor​

Svitlana Smirnova is a multilingual teacher in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish and Polish who has Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching with 15 years of professional experience. She has been a teacher for foreigners and as one of the recognized teachers of the highest category in Ukraine.

Svitlana holds a lot of diplomas, certificates, Scroll of Honor awards from the Ukrainian ministry of education and international organizations.

She has been working online with different levels of students both nationally and internationally for IELTS preparation as her specialization in preparing students to meet their language needs in regards to their immigration and adaptation for the new life requirements.

She says; “If you don’t know how and from what to start, book a consultation and connect on movebridge.com and I will gladly answer to all your questions and English will eventually become easy and exciting for you”!

Svitlana is a SINIM Multilingual Teaching Advisor.

Mehrdad Vafaee Bagheri

Member of the Boards

Mehrdad Vafaee Bagheri is a graduate of Sharif University of Technology in Tehran with a bachelor and master degree and a doctorate in marketing from Switzerland. Mehrdad began his career about 30 years ago in 1991 at Alstom in France. He founded Mehr Tavan Gasil (MTG) In 1996. As a CEO and business partner of Siemens (Germany), he carried out many key projects. Mehrdad got many achievements nationally by supply the electrical and mechanical parts, new energy, and the supply of technical components from European countries such as Germany, France and Italy.

Some of the most important and largest projects under his management are:

  • Assaluyeh Airport Electricity Post
  • Imam Reza Shrine Electricity Post
  • Iran Mal Complex
  • Damavand and Pars Chenoubi Petrochemicals
  • Tabriz Refinery

Mehrdad believes “in order to have a better world, we all have to be responsible to fully comply with the standards”.

Mehrdad is a SINIM Boards Member. 

Mahya Afzali

Immigration Advisor

Mahya Afzali is a Canadian immigration consultant and the owner of AIP Immigration Group . She graduated in English Teaching from Islamic Azad University in Tehran for bachelor and master level and then obtained her Immigration consulting diploma from CSIC e-Academy in Canada.
At the moment, she is a member in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC). Mahya assists clients in the most professional manner and helps them find their right way to Canada.

Mahya is a SINIM Immigration Advisor.

Behnam Hajian Motlagh

Insurance Advisor

Behnam Hajian Motlagh , a biology graduate, began his career in 1998 while studying as a consultant, deputy manager and general manager of different high schools in Tehran’s District 3. Behnam achieved a degree in French in 2015 during his immigration studies and began teaching French at schools. He studied in Canada immediately after moving in 2017, and in 2018 he received a degree in financial and insurance counseling.

Since 2018, he has been working as a consultant in various types of life and savings insurance and investing in various Canadian accounts, such as retirement, tax exemption, education, as well as the issuance of various types of travel, student and super visa insurance. As an Alliance agent he has started a partnership with 21 well-known insurance and financial companies in Canada.

As one of the immigrants, Behnam has always believed that he understands the basic conditions and needs of all new immigrants with all his hearth, and will be eager and supportive of them, ready to share and share experiences and help immigrants. Knowing the customer’s needs and providing the required product with honesty and without considering personal interests is also one of his most remarkable beliefs.

Behnam is a SINIM Insurance Advisor.