Mission & Vision


Integrating and empowering the immigrant community and citizens in line with global standards and accelerating the acquisition of these competitive standards so that every immigrant feels safe and proud at every stage of the migration processes along with other citizens.


To implement the concept of global bridge management through accommodation and full settlement of migrants from the beginning to the end of the migration processes by providing eight quality and competitive life services such as visa, housing, flight, currency, insurance, employment, car, and English language.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

The most important strategic plans of SINIM migrants Company

Focusing and paying attention to different cultures of citizens through consensus and avoiding isolation.

Establishment and full accommodation of immigrants by providing basic services during the migration period.

Preserving the dignity and national and international personality of immigration culture by managing customer-oriented relationships

Improving the quantitative and qualitative level of immigration services by applying an integrated immigration management system.

Creating a more reliable environment and intimacy among the community of immigrants and citizens by reducing cultural conflicts and concerns of the establishment period.